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Re-thinking Purchases: Calculate Your Hours Instead of Cost

We’re all familiar with the equation “time equals money,” but what if you flipped that equation around and used it to assess purchases? When you think about it from a different perspective, calculating your purchases in terms of hours worked instead of cost can be a very useful tool for budgeting and saving. Let’s take a look at why this method is so beneficial.

The Benefits of Thinking in Hours Worked
Calculating your purchases in terms of hours worked can help you become more mindful of how much time it takes to earn the money that you spend. This can lead to healthier financial habits as you start to think in terms of how long it will take before you have enough saved up for a purchase. This approach also helps make sure that the cost of an item is worth the time spent earning that money. For example, if something costs $50 but it would take 5 hours to earn that amount, then it might not be worth buying. Not only does this type of thinking help with budgeting, but can also give you an accurate assessment on whether or not an item is necessary.

It’s important to note that when determining how many hours are needed for a purchase, make sure to calculate your salary after taxes have been taken out (this will give you an accurate picture). You should also factor in any additional costs associated with earning that salary such as gas or transportation fees. Additionally, don’t forget to include benefits such as vacation days and health insurance into the equation—these are all expenses related to your job and should be factored into the calculation.

Using the “time equals money” equation in reverse can help you assess purchases more accurately and lead to better financial decisions. Calculating your purchases by hours worked instead of cost gives you a clearer idea on just how much effort was needed for each purchase made. With this method, shoppers can save more efficiently and make use of their hard earned money without having to worry about overspending or regretting their decisions later on down the line.


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