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Eating out for lunch every day can be expensive. And let’s face it, it can also get boring. But did you know that packing your own lunch not only saves you money but also saves you time? Here’s why packing a lunch is a great idea.

Save Money
Let’s start with the obvious one. The cost of eating out adds up quickly—especially if you’re in the habit of buying coffee or a snack in addition to your meal. According to data from USA Today, the average person spends $11 per day on food outside the home, which amounts to over $2,000 per year! By packing your own lunches, you could save hundreds of dollars each year.

Health Benefits
When you pack your own lunch, you control what goes into it. This means that you can choose healthier options like fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins instead of processed snacks or fast food meals. Plus, if portion size is an issue for you, bringing your own meal can help keep portions under control so that you don’t overeat or feel overly stuffed after eating.

Time Savings
Eating out for lunch also takes up valuable time during the workday—time that could be better spent working or taking a break from work altogether. Packing a lunch eliminates the need to take extra time to go out and find something to eat; plus it saves time in line at restaurants or drive-thrus! All this extra time adds up quickly over the course of a week and can make a big difference in efficiency and productivity at work.

Packing your own lunch has many advantages beyond just saving money—it also gives you more control over what you eat and helps save valuable time during the workday as well. So why not give it a try? It could end up being healthier than eating out and much easier on your wallet too! Intended Audience: Professionals who are looking to save both money and time by packing their own lunches.


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